Traefik on Docker Swarm and Filebeat - a logging problem

For a while, I have been running a 3-node Docker Swarm. I am very satisfied with it, it does the trick for my personal apps, website and lab setup very well, Kubernetes would be overkill for this sort of setup, and Portainer is an excellent UI for it. Of course, like any DevOps oriented Systems Engineer, I use the ELBK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Beats, Kibana) stack for logging and monitoring this setup.

Hugo, Docker-Swarm, Jenkins and Sonarqube - How this blog is made(updated)

Recently, the time to change jobs came. As the basic technology stack used for CI/CD at my new workplace is significantly different from the one in the previous job, it’s back to school (and reading and learning) for me. I like to keep my personal technology stack in line with what I use at work. It makes my job easier, and I have a playground for quickly trying out things without interfering with company resources and, if applicable, client resources.

Hugo, Docker, Kubernetes and Gitlab CI - How this blog is made

… or how I ditched PHP and WordPress and started enjoying blogging again. Besides being an IT pro, I am also a geek. I love to try out new stuff, learn something new better every day than not, and exploring new technologies. Tired of the always having to watch my back when I was running a Blog in Wordpress, getting hacked countless times because of its security flaws, or just having no time to update, I bring you the super-duper-automatic deploy on Docker and / or Kubernetes Hugo based, on Gitlab CE, Docker and Kubernetes.

Featured on

Featured on! Yes, my little post about creating a Blog the DevOps way (and I have not spoken about Kubernetes yet, but I will try to add it this weekend) has made it to, in the 9th position under the technical section, which makes me quite happy. I Love having my stuff linked and shared. UPDATE: Seems the is gone, and in the but there is still some life on their Twitter account

CI / CD with Plesk, Hugo and GitLab

For a while I have been running my own GitLab install on one of my servers, to have a place for my private repos and some stuff I keep around. Tired of having to keep an eye on my WordPress blog continuosly, update all the time and fending off hacker attacks, some time ago I decided it was time to move to one of those new, modern, state-of-the-art static website builders.