Russian Pinch Cake

Russian Pinch (or pluck) Cake recipe Volker´s variation, extra-caloric. The Russian Pinch (or Pluck Cake) is extremely popular in Germany. Its origins are probably not Russian, but nobody can be really sure. It´s a variation of german-style cheesecake. Here is how to make this delicacy: Ingredients: - 325 g flour - 1 pack baking soda - 5 tablespoon baking cocoa (the really bitter, pure one) - 300 g butter or GOOD margarine - 300 g sugar - 4 eggs - 250 g german type fresh cheese (“Quark”, check LIDL or ALDI) - 250 g cream cheese - 1 pack vainilline - 1 pack of vanilla “pudding” – also available in LIDL or ALDI or as “pudinca” at Romanian shops.