Hugo, Docker-Swarm, Jenkins and Sonarqube - How this blog is made(updated)

Recently, the time to change jobs came. As the basic technology stack used for CI/CD at my new workplace is significantly different from the one in the previous job, it’s back to school (and reading and learning) for me. I like to keep my personal technology stack in line with what I use at work. It makes my job easier, and I have a playground for quickly trying out things without interfering with company resources and, if applicable, client resources.

Hugo, Docker, Kubernetes and Gitlab CI - How this blog is made

… or how I ditched PHP and WordPress and started enjoying blogging again. Besides being an IT pro, I am also a geek. I love to try out new stuff, learn something new better every day than not, and exploring new technologies. Tired of the always having to watch my back when I was running a Blog in Wordpress, getting hacked countless times because of its security flaws, or just having no time to update, I bring you the super-duper-automatic deploy on Docker and / or Kubernetes Hugo based, on Gitlab CE, Docker and Kubernetes.

CI / CD with Plesk, Hugo and GitLab

For a while I have been running my own GitLab install on one of my servers, to have a place for my private repos and some stuff I keep around. Tired of having to keep an eye on my WordPress blog continuosly, update all the time and fending off hacker attacks, some time ago I decided it was time to move to one of those new, modern, state-of-the-art static website builders.