Je ne suis pas Barcelona. Ni Nice, ni Paris, ni Londres ni Islamabad

Je Suis Sick of This Shit

Just to make my point clear:

  • I don’t believe everyone defining himself as “Muslim” is a terrorist.
  • I don’t think more security and curtailment of our civil rights and liberties will really help solving this problem.
  • I don’t think we should change our lifestyle and customs to make refugees feel more at home here. It is them who need to adopt and embrace our lifestyle to feel at home here, and that for a start, includes being able to take criticism, unacceptance and even mocking of their religious beliefs, an important part of our free western and open culture and way-of-live.
  • Although an agnostic atheist myself, I understand Christianism is an integral part of our western culture and has been essential in making it what it is now over the centuries. In the last 3 centuries it has evolved a great deal (although I think there is plenty of way to go). Christianity mostly has recognized the place it has to take care about is our “soul” and “spirit” and less our “material” world.
  • Islam need to undergo the same process, and needs to do it soon. Muslims must no longer allow Islam to be monopolized by those who deny science and its facts and defend that the Quran can’t be modernized or interpreted in a more modern or worldly meaning, but instead stick to its literal interpretation, and, yes, that includes the passages where it says to spread fear and smithe unbelievers heads, like it or not. And according to the interpretation of these, and the principle of “abrogation” in the Quran, these Surahs, as they are revealed later, invalidate the previous peaceful ones.
  • I’m not against muslims, but I am against the currently dominating theological directions in Islam, where a few brickheads who have monopolized Islamic Theology for the last years have brought us “Arabian Springs”, Wahabism, “ISIS” and Nizza, Brussels, Paris, Islamabad, London and latest Barcelona and Cambrils.

Fellow muslims living among us, please prove me completely wrong. Tonight there is a demonstration in Barcelona as a call to peace-loving, terrorism-hating muslims: Muslim Demonstration Barcelona With more than 500.000 muslims living in Catalunya and around half of them probably in Barcelona, that makes around 250.000 that could be there. I would personally say, let’s start small, as I understand you are quite new to all this civil liberties and freedom of speech thing, I’d say 10% or 25.000 should be enough for starters. Enough to comfortably pack Plaça Catalunya to the brim. I will be watching. Please surprise me.

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