Russian Pinch Cake

Russian Pinch (or pluck) Cake recipe

Volker´s variation, extra-caloric.

The Russian Pinch (or Pluck Cake) is extremely popular in Germany. Its origins are probably not Russian, but nobody can be really sure. It´s a variation of german-style cheesecake. Here is how to make this delicacy:


-	325 g flour
-	1 pack baking soda
-	5 tablespoon baking cocoa (the really bitter, pure one)
-	300 g butter or GOOD margarine
-	300 g sugar
-	4 eggs
-	250 g german type fresh cheese (“Quark”, check LIDL or ALDI)
-	250 g cream cheese
-	1 pack vainilline
-	1 pack of vanilla “pudding” – also available in LIDL or ALDI or as “pudinca” at Romanian shops. 
-	1 lemon

Preheat oven to 170-180ºC


Mix the flour, the cocoa and the baking powder. Then add the egg, 200g of sugar and 200g of softened (microwave!) butter or margarine. Mix well with kneading tool or your hands. Take half of the dough and cover the ground of 26-28 cm round baking pan (the ones with the removable ring around). Divide the other half of the dough in half again, with one of the halves shape several “sausages” to put all around the base, then push them upwards to make the “walls”


Take the cream cheese, the quark, the other 100 g of butter / margarine, 100g sugar, 3 eggs, the package of vanilla pudding, the vanilla sugar and a generous amount of lemon zest (and optionally some rum aroma) and mix well, until the mixture is even and creamy. Pour the filling into the dough ring.

The plucking:

Now take the quarter of the dough that you have left, pluck pinches off it and top the filling with iit, so that it looks like little nice brown-spotted puppies

The Baking:

Bake for 60 minutes at 170-180 ºC in the PREHEATED oven. Let it cool well before removing from the baking pan.


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