CI / CD with Plesk, Hugo and GitLab

For a while I have been running my own GitLab install on one of my servers, to have a place for my private repos and some stuff I keep around. Tired of having to keep an eye on my WordPress blog continuosly, update all the time and fending off hacker attacks, some time ago I decided it was time to move to one of those new, modern, state-of-the-art static website builders.

Doctor Ignatius

El grandioso Ignatius Farray contra las magufadas:

Christian Hotspot: Godspot

Seems that once the liability for public WLAN in Germany has been changed (up to now, the operator of a public wireless internet access in a Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe or wherever could be hold liable for any illegal actions by his users / subscribers, only the bit telcos were exempt from this regulation) everybody is now jumping on the bandwagon of providing free internet access to customers, patrons, guests and, er, well, church-goers or whatever you call them.

There is no cloud

The disappointing reality — DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻 (@ThePracticalDev) February 25, 2016

title: “Kubernetifying Diaspora“ date: 2018-04-26T23:59:24+01:00 tags: [“CD/CI”, “GitLab”, “git”, “DevOps”, “Hugo”, “Kubernetes”,“Diaspora”, “Diasapora”] categories: [“DevOps”, “IT”, “Hugo”, “Kubernetes”, “Social”, “Diaspora*“] Running Diaspora* on Kubernetes Diaspora* is a distributed social Network with a strong focus on privacy and retaining data ownership. Its initial funding came from a highly successful Kickstarter campaing that overfunded the initial goal 20-fold in just 39 days. After a rough start with lots of security leaks and using MongoDB as a backend and the unfortunate suicide of one of the project founders in 2011, Diaspora* has now evolved into a stable and reliable community project, based on Ruby-on-Rails and with either Postgresql or Mysql as the backend.