Traefik on Docker Swarm and Filebeat - a logging problem

For a while, I have been running a 3-node Docker Swarm. I am very satisfied with it, it does the trick for my personal apps, website and lab setup very well, Kubernetes would be overkill for this sort of setup, and Portainer is an excellent UI for it. Of course, like any DevOps oriented Systems Engineer, I use the ELBK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Beats, Kibana) stack for logging and monitoring this setup.

Hugo, Docker-Swarm, Jenkins and Sonarqube - How this blog is made(updated)

Recently, the time to change jobs came. As the basic technology stack used for CI/CD at my new workplace is significantly different from the one in the previous job, it’s back to school (and reading and learning) for me. I like to keep my personal technology stack in line with what I use at work. It makes my job easier, and I have a playground for quickly trying out things without interfering with company resources and, if applicable, client resources.